Change begins with you
I believe that the authentic client-therapist relationship and our innate ability to heal are forceful powers for change. I would like our work to feel meaningful to you. We will work together to come to new understandings about your emotions, behaviors and experiences.
The goal is not only to make changes in your behaviors, or to make peace through acceptance, but to gain insight into your personal system of meaning, underlying issues of your symptoms and in your relationship to self, body, food and community.
About Me

My style is inherently challenging and compassionate. With a sense of curiosity, professionalism, and sensitivity, we will build on your strengths and clarify patterns of thinking, feeling and relating that are preventing you from experiencing your best self.  I provide relational and dynamic CBT psychotherapy that is sensitive, attuned and transformative.

Today I will abandon my destructive behaviors and start using behaviors that are good for me.

Eating Disorder Specialized Treatment 

Anxiety and Depression Focused

Family Therapy

Counseling For Individuals


Couples Therapy


Specialized Group Treatment


Monday through Thursday
10am - 7pm

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